How we work?


We see every project we undertake as a challenge and we always suggest clear and efficient solutions tailored to your needs and goals, both offensive and defensive. Our team work has always translated into the best results due to the wide array of skills of our attorneys who excel in providing legal advice, legal representation and fiduciary services.

We provide legal advice in various fields of law and we excel in business and civil law. We always ensure absolute confidentiality of information entrusted to us, in strict compliance with professional secrecy and respect for the trust of our clients, which are the fundamental principles guiding our entire activity.

We have a long and wide experience in providing legal assistance or representation in front of all courts of law and arbitration in Romania and international, such as the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg or the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and we assist you inclusively in investigations conducted by the European Commission.

We are specialised in providing fiduciary services for individuals and legal entities to increase the protection and improve the management of your assets.

We are always dedicated to our clients and will act, without exception, to their best interests and until the desired goals are reached. Clients choose their line of action and we support them all the way through and use all the means available under the law.

At the same time, in certain circumstances and in consideration of the personal or social situation of our client, we offer pro bono legal services as an expression of how we understand our work, as a tribute to humanitarianism and because we are permanently seeking to serve Goodness, Truth and Justice.


    We assist you in the setting up of companies, amendment of articles of incorporation, reorganisation (merger, division, transformation) of joint stock or limited liability companies and we assist these entities in insolvency proceedings (initiation of proceedings, winding up, liquidation, deregistration) and transactions with shares; company organisation and representation of general meetings of shareholders or assistance to shareholders/members in these meetings; reduction or increase of share capital; exclusion or withdrawal of members; organisation and functioning of cooperative societies, etc.


    We provide support for the settlement of disputes between professionals with regard to liability derived from contract or tort; setting up of security interests in personal and real property or privileges and carrying out related publicity formalities; negotiation, preparation and drafting of contracts; recovery of receivables and appeals against enforcement measures, etc.


    We assist you in the settlement of tax related litigations with public authorities; appeals against and annulment of tax assessment notices; appeals against enforcement measures and tax liabilities; interpretation and application of taxation rules; pleas of unconstitutionality in front of the Constitutional Court of Romania, etc


    We provide legal assistance or representation in disputes settled by arbitration institutions and representation of individuals and legal entities in such disputes.


    We provide advice on preparation of tenders for the award of public supply contracts, clarification of criteria for participation in public acquisitions procedures, including legal representation in disputes on the award or refusal of award of a public supply contract in front of the National Council for the Settlement of Appeals ( and courts of law, etc.


    We provide legal assistance or representation in disputes relating to civil status and capacity of individuals; breach of pecuniary and non-pecuniary rights by violations of the right to life, dignity and integrity; matrimonial agreements, divorce and division of assets; establishing parentage; public or private property and dismemberments of ownership (superficies, usufruct, use and habitation, easement); acquisitive prescription, occupation and possessory actions; cadastre and land register; succession, etc.


    We provide fiduciary activities such as advice; operations aimed at preserving the substance and value of financial funds and entrusted assets; placement of funds in personal or real estate assets, securities and other financial instruments; administration and capitalization of placements by contracting material operations and carrying out legal operations to increase the value and liquidity of placements, etc.


    We provide advice in drafting internal regulations, assistance in disciplinary investigations for employers or employees; assistance or representation in appeals against disciplinary sanctions or employment termination decisions; engaging the liability of employers or employees; determination/recalculation of retirement benefits, etc.


    We provide legal assistance or representation in all phases of criminal lawsuits (criminal prosecution, preliminary hearing, trial, enforcement of sentences) for economic criminal offenses such as tax evasion, bribery, fraud, embezzlement, abuse of office, offenses committed in the management of companies, etc.